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We help Funeral Homes notify Relatives and Friends of the passing away of a Loved One thru text messaging.
We provide easy access to Live Stream of all Funeral Ceremonies.

Our software is free to all Funeral Homes to create an unlimited number of Funeral Packages.

However, when used for any funeral, the Funeral Home will charge the family of the deceased for the funeral notification service provided by us, and shall remit to us, 50% of the charges for the funeral notification service provided by us, per funeral, to a maximum of $50 per funeral.

In any instance where a Funeral Home uses without charging a customer, the Funeral Home shall remit $50 for every instance.

We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement.

themorphed is part of thecardsstore Group which includes: - Funeral Notification Services for Funeral Homes. Signup - Funeral Notification Services for Non Traditional Funerals. Signup - Funeral Notification Services for Pet Owners. Signup - sending out Greeting Cards to anyone on any Occasion. Signup - Organising any Social Occasion Signup

STEP 1: Create an account. With each account create Funeral Packages. For each Funeral Package text messages will be sent to your cell phone. Forward the text message to the cell phones of Relatives and Friends of the Deceased.

STEP 2: A link in the text message accesses the Funeral Notification Report.

STEP 3: For Live Streaming with OBS, Stream Service is Custom, Server is rtmp:// and the Stream Key is found in one of the text messages sent.

STEP 4: For Live Streaming with software other than OBS, for the Funeral Package enter the Invite URL using 'Other Tasks' menu item.

Click on link in text message to view the View Funeral Notification Report Demo

Our Beloved Etwarria Ramcharan passed away. Details at Demo

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